Bahamas jobs

Most people would agree that the images of Atlantis are breathtaking and oh so very enticing. However, if you step outside of the resort grounds there is a drastic difference in scenery. Reality is outside of those gates. This is where all of the natives live in their small humble homes. The surroundings are very run down. Houses range from mere huts to small houses. The houses are set up close together and painted very colorfully reflecting their vibrant culture. This is how the majority of the people live, and they do not complain about it. This is a prime example of the difference in lifestyle. According to a salary survey the maximum annual income for Bohemians is around $35,000 and the minimum is around $1,900. The United States’ average is around $20,000 higher than that, but varies depending on amount of education received. Education is much more easily accessible in the United States than in the Bahamas, therefore more people go to work sooner and seek out low paying or easy jobs. This would qualify them for almost any job within the resort with opportunities to advance to more skilled and higher paying positions. This makes Atlantis the perfect place for any native to work.


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