College life reality check

It seems as though this week has been a wake up call for all college freshman. As the semester comes to an end final tests and papers are creeping up on us. This also means grades and all the material that we don’t actually know become very real. College can be the best time of our lives. There are so many new people to meet and things to experience, but on top of these more attractive aspects of college there is also the main purpose which is academics. College is where mere children decide and work toward what they will be doing for the rest of their lives. Many kids may think they know what they want to do but soon realize the harsh reality of how difficult it may be to obtain that degree, or they simply lose the passion they once had because it is not as glamorous as it once seemed. Now that’s stressful! Some kids have dug themselves such a big hole with their grades that they have no choice but to leave school. The only thing worse than doing poorly in school is not going to school and even worse not having a plan. Personally I am a very driven individual and can’t imagine not having a plan for my future. That would be more stressful than any amount of work a professor could give me. I want to be a nurse so badly and I know what I have to do to achieve that.


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