I have been to Nassau Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas. Atlantis is technically in Nassau, but when you step off of the resort grounds there is a drastic difference in the way of life. The glitzy and spectacular surroundings fade into a much poorer and run down town. Nearby the resort however there is a market where many natives sell their life’s work in order to make a living for their families. The resort in the Bahamas provides jobs for natives as they manage the enormous resort. It also provides business for locals outside of the resort trying to make money off of the tourists. There are restaurants and markets in the surrounding areas that the resort advertise for and provide shuttles to and from.  There is another job opportunity as well, all of the cab drivers that shuttle tourists anywhere they desire to go on their luxurious vacation. These drivers are not bitter about their jobs or life they always have a smile on and are more than happy to share their knowledge of the area and excitement of the energizing culture in the Bahamas. The natives are very welcoming people and do not treat tourists as outsiders, but try to share their culture with the tourists and show them everything that the Bahamas has to offer.


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