social benefits of tourism

The creation of jobs also lends to the social benefits of tourism. Tourism allows for cultural diversification which is the diffusion of cultures from each of the parties into the other. The transfer of ideas and cultures can be seen in countries all around the world. Chain restaurants such as McDonalds are a form of physical evidence of diversification. In many countries, Costa Rica for example, the natives pick up English in order to relate better to their tourist customers and in turn make more money. Eventually this becomes a survival tactic for their businesses and therefore their families. It is very hard to find a business owner in Costa Rica that is not fluent in English. This is not the only social benefit however. Language is just one small part of what encompasses a culture. Tourists have the opportunity to experience specific aspects of the culture of the country they are visiting. They can make their own itineraries and most people will hit up the typical tourist locations. No matter what they are still in the midst of a whole new country experiencing a different culture which will make some sort of impact on any tourist whether it is big or small. Either way they are seeing the way these other people live and getting a whole new perspective. When people are able to have a new perspective they are less closed minded about the world as a whole. Unfortunately in today’s society there are still some very closed minded and judgmental people. Tourism is a great way to eliminate some of these judgments and allow for more acceptance and equality as should be the mindset of people living in the twenty first century.


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