The Economy

Kincaid is selling the natives of all of these travel destinations short by saying they hate all tourists. There may be some places where the natives do not appreciate tourists, but many places thrive off of the money these tourists bring into their country. There is a travel season when people are more apt to travel and many countries take advantage of this season, making most of their annual income during this period. Tourists are a vital piece of the economy. When one stops to think about it people are leaving everything behind and they need to survive off of the resources provided by the country they are traveling to. This means spending money on shelter, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), plus all of the added pleasures that they want to experience on their vacation. So why wouldn’t countries welcome tourists? On top of all of these necessities there are the gifts that they bring back for friends and family along with souvenirs they buy for themselves in commemoration of the wonderful and relaxing trip they had. Most people will buy the mass produces souvenirs in the shops that cover any travel destination. Generally these souvenirs are easy to make which provides for a large profit for the store owners due to the fact that tourists are more willing to spend money because they have saved up and waited for their trip so they want to enjoy it and not worry about money. All of tourists’ needs that must be provided to them open up jobs for the natives. Especially in third world countries tourism can be very helpful. The fact that they help the economy far outweighs the fact that they may interrupt the flow of everyday life and annoy some of the natives. In most countries the natives do indeed appreciate and take full advantage of the business that the tourists bring to their country.


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