Tourism can be very beneficial for a society. The main benefits can be seen through the economic and social outcomes. Tourists are more willing to spend money, because they are going on vacations to relax and have a good time; not worry about money. Many economies thrive off of the money these tourists bring. Some even make their annual income during the busy tourist season. When one thinks about it Tourists are away from home therefore they need to buy all of their necessities such as food, shelter, and of course all of the activities that they planned for their vacation. Most of them also bring home gifts for their family and friends. They often choose the gifts that are easy and inexpensive to make so the sellers can turn a decent profit on each sale.  All of the necessities of the tourists create a plethora of jobs throughout the area. From an economic standpoint tourism is a win win situation for all companies involved. The economy thrives and jobs are formed while the tourists have a great time. The social benefits include the cultural diversification. The diffusion of cultures from each of the parties into the other. One specific piece of evidence of the location that the tourists are visiting being effected by cultural diffusion is like I referred to in a previous blog almost all Costa Rican business owners speak english. This is something that the natives picked up from all of the tourists that visited their country. Eventually it became a survival tactic for their businesses and by default them and their families. The social diffusion that the tourists benefit from are the many different cultural experiences and sights that they see throughout their travels. The type of experience they choose is up to the tourist themselves. They can plan their own trips and itineraries, but no matter what they will be interacting with locals and experiencing a completely new place.


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