Polar Bears

     There are two young polar bears currently on display at the Buffalo Zoo. The first, named Luna, is a member of the Buffalo Zoo family and can be seen from ten in the morning until two in the afternoon (buffalozoo.com). The second, named Kali, is a rescue animal that was found in the Alaskan wilderness in May. He arrived at the Buffalo Zoo, his new temporary home, on May 15th. Since Kali’s arrival in Buffalo he has tripled in size and weight proving that the Buffalo Zoo is a more than sufficient home for the bear. The Buffalo Zoo is actually trying to build a whole new, eighteen million dollar exhibit for the polar bears. It will be featured at the entrance of the zoo and span on and a half acres. This is not only to improve the quality of life for the bears, or bring in more money. It is mainly to meet new AZA standards. The new exhibit will be very similar to the bear’s home climate. There will also be a viewing area under one of the two large pools allowing for guests to see the bears and their natural behaviors. Along with the exhibit there will be an education center to inform the public on conservation efforts, climate change, and what they can do to prevent the changes in the bears natural habitat. This public education is another part of AZA standards. By meeting these standards it will allow Buffalo to keep its polar bears. There is a campaign going on to keep the polar bears in Buffalo. The Buffalo Zoo is currently taking donations in order to fund the new exhibit for one of their most popular attractions. They value their polar bears very much and believe that they in fact belong in Buffalo. There are many different amounts and types of donations available, but every little bit helps. 



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