Buffalo Zoo

  The Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States of America being built in 1875. The grounds stretch 23.5 acres, not making it the biggest zoo, but it is home to 88 different species of animals some of which are considered fairly exotic. The facility itself has been said to be very clean and well kept, along with the animals and their exhibits. There have been some complaints about the signs being a bit difficult to read and follow, but it is a pretty small park and a map is provided so getting around is not too difficult. Many people have commented on how all of the animals appear to be very well cared for. Not only are the grounds clean but they are very pretty with over 320 types of vegetation throughout the park. The most visually appealing spot in the park is the Botanical Rain forest. It actually looks and gives the illusion of being in an actual rain forest. The vegetation is spot on and there are many species of birds to look at and learn about. Some of the downsides, however, are that the exhibits were said to be a bit bland and not terribly exciting to look at, and some exhibits are even empty. Other people complained about not being able to see many animals, but due to the amount of animals housed there this is most likely attributed to the time of day that they went. There were many complaints about the fact that there was only one of most of the animals. To counteract this though, there is a new baby gorilla and polar bear which have been raved about as being very cute and amusing to watch. The admissions prices are fairly inexpensive the only complaints were about parking, which is $4 for cars and $7 for buses. I have personally been to this zoo several times and I would recommend going if you are in the area. It is a quaint park and a great place for kids and families to enjoy a day together. 



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