Costa Rica Resorts

     Costa Rica combines the best of natural beauty with luxurious resorts. These resorts are located along untouched beaches and within tropical oases, secluded from the cities providing for all the privacy and beauty anyone could want on their dream vacation. If seclusion is not what you are looking for there are plenty of options for you too with palace like resorts where you can lounge by the pool in an extravagant cabana and be served gourmet food and beverages by unbeatable customer service. The customer service at any and all businesses is so friendly and inviting just like the culture. No matter where you stay, however, you are guaranteed a breathtaking view. The most raved about secluded resorts are the bungalows on the beach. The best known is in Ylang Ylang. This unique resort is very comfortable and immersed in nature. Step outside in the morning and you may find some monkeys climbing the treetops. At nighttime you can be lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean. Sometimes getting away from the chaos of everyday technology and life is just what you need, but the city is a safe, scenic, short walk away if necessary. Many couples are drawn to this oasis and more times than not become returning customers.  This is not a mega chain resort, but breakfast and dinner are included, and drinks are fairly inexpensive. Most people even chose to eat lunch at the resort as well due to the amazing quality of the meals.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort

      The satisfaction of the customers is the top priority to all the employees which makes for an even better experience and worry free vacation. If you do not believe me look for yourself at any reviews of this gorgeous oasis, then go book your trip today you will not regret it!


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