Buffalo Zoo

  The Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States of America being built in 1875. The grounds stretch 23.5 acres, not making it the biggest zoo, but it is home to 88 different species of animals some of which are considered fairly exotic. The facility itself has been said to be very clean and well kept, along with the animals and their exhibits. There have been some complaints about the signs being a bit difficult to read and follow, but it is a pretty small park and a map is provided so getting around is not too difficult. Many people have commented on how all of the animals appear to be very well cared for. Not only are the grounds clean but they are very pretty with over 320 types of vegetation throughout the park. The most visually appealing spot in the park is the Botanical Rain forest. It actually looks and gives the illusion of being in an actual rain forest. The vegetation is spot on and there are many species of birds to look at and learn about. Some of the downsides, however, are that the exhibits were said to be a bit bland and not terribly exciting to look at, and some exhibits are even empty. Other people complained about not being able to see many animals, but due to the amount of animals housed there this is most likely attributed to the time of day that they went. There were many complaints about the fact that there was only one of most of the animals. To counteract this though, there is a new baby gorilla and polar bear which have been raved about as being very cute and amusing to watch. The admissions prices are fairly inexpensive the only complaints were about parking, which is $4 for cars and $7 for buses. I have personally been to this zoo several times and I would recommend going if you are in the area. It is a quaint park and a great place for kids and families to enjoy a day together. 



Costa Rica Scuba Diving

     There are many other tropical destinations where you could go scuba diving, but most of these do not even compare to the diving in Costa Rica. This country is located between two oceans providing for several different ecosystems available to explore. The top diving spots are off the Pacific Cost line where the waters are crystal clear and the sea life is so vibrant and colorful you won’t want to return to dry land.

     Probably the best and most renowned of all the locations in Costa Rica is Cocos Island.”The area possesses a rich undersea diversity and supports more than 25 endemic fish species” (traveltips.usatoday.com). Even sharks and whales have been seen in the area due to the plentiful feeding and breeding grounds. It is recommended, however, that if you want to dive at Cocos Island that you take a liveboard dive vessel due to the amount of time it takes to get to the island. Taking a liveboard vessel will also provide you with all necessary equipment and personal dive masks. 

If you are visiting Northwestern Costa Rica The best place to dive are the Catalina Islands. They are best known for the vibrant colors and unique underwater structures such as caves and arches which you can explore. If you are looking for the best place to stay in this area “The Ocotal Beach Resort is a fully equipped dive resort with boats that can get you out to the islands” (ocotaldiving.com). The rates for Ocotal up until January for a boat dive with two tanks, the boat, a guide, and weights is eighty dollars. For a night boat dive with one tank, the boat, a guide and weights is sixty five dollars. Just to snorkel with all equipment included is fifty dollars.  The temperature of the water during prime season ranges from 78˚F to 82˚F. 

So what are you waiting for book your trip to Costa Rica today and get lost in a whole different world under the sea. 


Costa Rica Resorts

     Costa Rica combines the best of natural beauty with luxurious resorts. These resorts are located along untouched beaches and within tropical oases, secluded from the cities providing for all the privacy and beauty anyone could want on their dream vacation. If seclusion is not what you are looking for there are plenty of options for you too with palace like resorts where you can lounge by the pool in an extravagant cabana and be served gourmet food and beverages by unbeatable customer service. The customer service at any and all businesses is so friendly and inviting just like the culture. No matter where you stay, however, you are guaranteed a breathtaking view. The most raved about secluded resorts are the bungalows on the beach. The best known is in Ylang Ylang. This unique resort is very comfortable and immersed in nature. Step outside in the morning and you may find some monkeys climbing the treetops. At nighttime you can be lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean. Sometimes getting away from the chaos of everyday technology and life is just what you need, but the city is a safe, scenic, short walk away if necessary. Many couples are drawn to this oasis and more times than not become returning customers.  This is not a mega chain resort, but breakfast and dinner are included, and drinks are fairly inexpensive. Most people even chose to eat lunch at the resort as well due to the amazing quality of the meals.

Ylang Ylang Beach Resort


      The satisfaction of the customers is the top priority to all the employees which makes for an even better experience and worry free vacation. If you do not believe me look for yourself at any reviews of this gorgeous oasis, then go book your trip today you will not regret it!

Costa Rica Zip Lining

     For all of you thrill seekers out there Zip Lining is a must, and there is no better place than the tropical forest of Monteverde Costa Rica. Lines are set up for miles and miles  providing for gorgeous sight seeing along the way, and the possibility to catch a glimpse at some of the creatures that inhabit the forest. In between each cable there is a platform where you land and connect to another cable to continue on your journey. If, however, the rush of jumping off a platform suspended over the treetops by merely a cable is not enough to satisfy your adventurous expectations, do not worry. Along the path within the forest there is a rope called the Tarzan Swing. People are hung upside down and swung into the depths of the jungle. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping I don’t know what will. 

     The entire tour takes between two and a half to three action packed hours. All safety equipment which is of the highest quality is included in the tour allowing you to leap off each platform with confidence. It is suggested that you wear closed toed shoes and possibly bring a light jacket in case there is a bit of a tropical rain shower. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity so book your trip to Costa Rica today!

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